CV of Teacher PhD Dorel Cosma – IGF President

  • Date of birth : October 29th, 1950
  • Birthplace : Bistriţa, Bistriţa-Năsăud county
  • Stable residence: Bistriţa, 32 December 1st St.
  • Telephone : 004-0263/211 691 
  • Fax : 004-0263/218 261  
  • Cell phone : 0744 706 380
  • E-mail :
  • Education : Iaşi ‘Al. I. Cuza’ University – Faculty of Philology (Romanian-German – twofold specialisation)
  • Post-academic studies – with degrees :
    • Goethe Institut – Bremen, Germany
    • European Cultural Management – Denmark
    • Cluj-Napoca ‘Babeş-Bolyai’ University – A perfecting course on Special Education
    • State University – Kishinev, Moldavia – a philology PhD
  • Language skills :
    • German
    • English
    • Russian
    • Italian
  • Workplaces :
  • A teacher in the Bistriţa-Năsăud county

    Important activities :
    – founder of the ‘ALMA VENUS’ literary-artistic circle
    – founder of the ‘CATHARSIS’ students’ and teachers’ magazine

  • 1982 – founder and first manager of the Bistriţa Art Popular School 
  • 1984 – manager of the Bistriţa Trade Unions Cultural House

    – founder of the Bistriţa room theatre and of the short theatre festival with the support of such great personalities as Ion Parhon, Dinu Chivu, Mihai Ispirescu, Tudor Popescu, Bebe Parhon, Tocilescu a.s.o.

    revitalisation of the ‘Codrişorul’ folk group, for which the ‘Golden Necklace’ First Prize was awarded in Dijon, France, in 1985, which was a prize that had never been obtained by any other Romanian group. Folk groups coming from 42 countries competed back then.

  • 1986 – Manager of the Bistriţa-Năsăud Popular Creation Centre. This centre was on the verge of bankruptcy, facing dissolution, when I took it. I  brought it back to the value needed by this institution by arranging and rearranging lots of folk events, such as : ‘ Train of the Bârgău Weddings’, ‘I’d Like to Be a Star’, ‘ Roots of Eternity’, ‘Ascension in Năsăud’, ’Pfingstenfest – Livezile’.
  • I founded the ‘Ballad’ folk group, which after 1989 became the first independent folk association in Bistriţa-Năsăud and whose manager I am still today.
  • 1991 – I initiated and coordinated the first International Folk Festival in România, namely ‘Zamfira’s Wedding’. 6 countries took part in it as a result of my invitation thereto, which was a thing that had never been accomplished in Romania till then. I arranged 10 editions of this festival, lapse of time during which Bistriţa became the capital of world folklore. After 1991, 10 to 15 countries were present there every year and some of them were even coordinated by ministers or ambassadors (Turkey, France, India, Israel, Greece and so forth). In 2001 I gave up organising this well-known festival because of the rude interference of politics. I did not however abandon this idea and in 2004 I obtained the absolute license for this festival, which we hope to have again, as we hope to have a better life in a real democracy. I resumed the festival with its 11th and 12th edition in 2006 and 2007, then in 2008, 2009.
  • 1993 – Following a contest at the Ministry of Culture I became Chief Counselor of the Bistriţa-Năsăud Culture Division.

    – I extended the national and international events and I initiated new actions in music, theatre, folklore etc. at the county level.
    – In 1996 I was awarded the prize of the Tg. Mureş ‘Ambassador ’ magazine for my entire cultural activity. 
    – In 1996 in Klagenfurt, Austria, I was elected vice-chairman of I.G.F.  by voting. It was for the first time that a Romanian was included in I.G.F.’s management. In 2001 in Sibari, Italy, I was reelected vice-chairman of I.G.F., which is a position that I had till 2008, when I was elected senior vice-chairman.

  • 1997 – CEO of the following radio channels : ‘21’ in Bistriţa, ‘Balada’ in Năsăud, ‘Balada’ in Sângeorz-Băi. I initiated and coordinated lots of cultural and folk shows.
  • 1999-2000 – Following the debates with some chairmen of the European folk federations I founded I.G.F.’s National Committee for Romania, which comprises 55 Romanian folk groups, whose chairman I am still at present.
  • Since 2003 I have been a professor at the Bucharest ‘Gheorghe Cristea’ Science and Art Romanian University.
  • Published books :

    • ‘Cultural Benchmarks’ (1998)
    • ‘A Dreamed Life – A Lived Life’ (2001)
    • ‘A Fascinating World’ (2003) – jury’s special prize for essays within the ‘Liviu Rebreanu’ prose National Contest
    • ‘Folk Culture – Aspirations and Accomplishments’ (2004)
    • ‘Challenged Realities’ (2005)
    • ‘On the Baron’s Estate’ (2005)
    • ‘Roots of Eternity’ (2006)
    • ‘Zamfira’s Wedding Festival in Images and Comments’ (2007)
    • ’From Tirana to Ciudad de Mexico’ (2008)
    • ’Trends of the Interviewing Evolution in the Romanian Press’ (2008)
    • ’Bistriţa in Revolution’ (2008)
    • ’Bistriţa Writers Anthology’ (2008)
    • ’Dominantly European Reportages’ (2009)
    • ’Bistriţa during the Revolution’ (2009)
    • ’Bistritz väehrend der Revolutionzeit’ (2009)
    • ’Flight’ (2016)
    • ’Bilet de cãlãtorie’ (2016)
    • ’Malul tãcerii’ (2017)
    • ’Duminica în Manhattan’ (2017)
  • A member of the Romanian Press Club and of Romanian Professional Journalists’ Union
  • A member of the Romanian Writers’ Union
  • Founder of the ‘Amphitheatre’ magazine – ‘Gheorghe Cristea’ Science and Art University, and of the ‘Connections’ magazine – ‘George Coşbuc’ Municipal Cultural Centre
  • Creator of radio and TV shows
  • A citizen of honour of the Năsăud town – 2005
  • A citizen of honour of culture – the Tg. Mureş ‘Ambassador’ magazine – 2007
  • The Oscar Award for Folklore – Italy – 2008
  • At present : manager of the Bistriţa ‘G. Coşbuc’ Municipal Cultural Centre
  • Publications in various magazines :
    1. Dorel  Cosma : The Political Connotation of the Interview / Values of Mass-Media in the Contemporary Era. Collective Study. Book 2 / Coordinators : D. Coval, G. Stepanov – Kishinev : USM 2003, p. 111-113
    2. Dorel Cosma : Colloquial Spirit – Dominating in the 21st Century // Social Life Globalisation : The texts of the Kishinev international conference from March 19th, 2004 : ATOM-SIM, 2004, p. 230-236.

Interferences Between the Interview as a Method and the Interview as an Journalistic Genre // Values of Mass-Media. Collective Study. Book III / Coordinators : M. Guzun, G. Stepanov, M. Lescu – Kishinev : USM 2004, p. 90-98. ; Mihail Guzun – Diversity of the Interview ; Incursion in a Special Area // Values of Mass-Media. Collective Study. Book III / Coordinators : M. Guzun, G. Stepanov, M. Lescu – Kishinev USM 2004, p. 80-89 ; The Propensity for Discussion – a 21st Century of Foreign Languages and the Danube Linguistic Centre. Year III, no. 4, June 2004, p. 79-85 ; Colloquial Spirit – Dominating in the 21st Century // Ethno-Cultural Studies and Researches – 9th Century – Bistriţa 2004, p. 285-289 ; The Political Connotation of the Interview / Ethno-Cultural Studies and Researches, 2004, p. 291 ; Il folklore Rumeno tra sparizione e necesita / Il folklore d’Italia, Periodico quadrimestrale della Federazione italiana Tradizioni  populari aderente FENALC, anno VI, pag. 13 ; Alcune considerazioni sopra l ̀intervista folklorica / IL FOLCLORE d’Italia, anno VI , pag. 13 ; The Concept of Folklore and Its Evolution / The North Letter – cultural magazine, year II, no. 2 – 2004, p. 34-35 ; Trends of the Interview Evolution. The North Letter, year II, nr. 10–11–12, 2004, p. 37 ;  Structural Transformations in the Life of the Romanian Village – The North Letter, year II, no. 10–11–12, 2004, p. 38-40 ; Mass-media and Communication in the Democratisation Process (poster) – The 1st Balkan Universities Rectors Conference – THE UNIVERSITIES OF BALKANS IN FRONT OF THE CHALLENGE OF THE BOLOGNA CHART, TOWARD THE EU Tirana – Albania.

Over the years I put on shows and cultural events in almost every European country, in America – Canada and in certain countries from the East.

  • 2008 – the Oscar prize for folklore – received in Italy
  • 2009 – a citizen of honour of the Karditsa town of Greece
  • In the Anthologies :
    1. ‘Bistriţa Writers’ – in English, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, French – 2008
    2. ‘Cloud Nine’ – 2009

I . Diplomas, awards

  1. The Excellence Diploma for the outstanding contribution to the 10 editions of the ‘Ascension in Năsăud’ – 2003
  2. The Excellence Diploma, which acknowledges and appreciates his outstanding contribution to the putting on of the actions for the ‘Felix Transilvanica’ exhibition (2008) – the Bistriţa Philatelic Society 2
  3. The Romanian Orthodox Parish : The Diploma of Gratitude for his support to the ‘County’s Great People’ monument, which is a place for respecting and honouring the great Bistriţa people and, at the same time, a sparkle of light for the future generations – December 2008
  4. Bistriţa chief town City Hall and Local Council : the Prizes of Bistriţa chief town – a Diploma for the activity carried out in the field of culture and for furthering the image of Bistriţa chief town both in Romania and abroad – December 2008
  5. The Timiş Foundation for Furthering European School Education – Wales University Romania : The Excellence Diploma for supporting the organisation and the development of the 2nd edition of ‘The Ball of the Bistriţa and Năsăud People Settled Down in Banat’ cultural event – 2008
  6. The Writers’ League : The Excellence Diploma for the prodigious activity carried out in the field of spiritual creation – 2010
  7. The Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports : the Diploma for his participation as organiser in ‘The Romanian School – The European School’ International Symposium – Maieru, 2010
  8. The National Association of Romania’s Trade Unions Houses of Culture : the anniversary of 25 years of activity of the Zalău Trade Unions House of Culture
  9. The Excellence Diploma for the outstanding artistic activity carried out while coordinating, supporting and furthering the ‘Someş Crown’ Folk Group – Bistriţa, Romania – the Mayor of Bistriţa chief town, Ovidiu Teodor Creţu
  10.  Diploma – the Prizes of Bistriţa chief town – for the activity carried out in the field of culture and for furthering the image of Bistriţa chief town both in Romania and abroad – Bistriţa chief town City Hall and Local Council
  11.  The Excellence Diploma – for constantly supporting the activity of the Sincron Classic and Modern Dance Group, on the occasion of 25 years of activity – Bistriţa chief town City Hall and Local Council
  12.  Muniment – handed in March 2008 at the Court of Its Majesty, Radio Cluj, on the joy of turning 54 years of life on air ! ‘Let all the people who write and who hear one another in Transylvania, that you, prof. PhD Dorel Cosma from Bistritz, have proved to be a praiseworthy servant and friend of ours for better and for worse, anytime !’
  1.  In 2009, the Bistriţa-Năsăud County Centre for Culture awards the ‘Excellence in Culture’ title to prof. PhD Dorel Cosma, the manager of the Bistriţa ‘George Coşbuc’ M.C.C.
  2.  The ‘Universe at the Cherry-Tree’ Literature Festival – the ‘Liviu Rebreanu’ prize is awarded to writer Dorel Cosma for the ‘From Tirana to Ciudad de Mexico’ book.
  3.  The Excellence Diploma – for the devotion and the responsibility with which he carries out, valorises and keeps the Romanian traditions and customs – Beclean Town Hall – the ‘Radu Săplăcan’ House of Culture
  4.  The Diploma of Honour – for the support granted and for the participation in the events occasioned by the Bistriţa ‘Felix Transilvanica’ Philatelic Half-Centennial Celebration – the 15th edition – the Romanian Philatelic Federation – the Bistriţa Philatelic Society
  5.  The Excellence Diploma – on the occasion of 40 years of activity of the Bistriţa Trade Unions House of Culture, of the ‘Codrişorul’ Folk Group, of the ‘Andrei Mureşanu’ Choir Organisation and of the ‘Bistriţa’ Professional Orchestra – The National Association of Romania’s Trade Unions Houses of Culture – Bistriţa Trade Unions House of Culture
  6.  Bistriţa-Năsăud County Council – The County Centre for Culture grants the ‘Excellence in Culture – Year 2009’ title to prof. PhD Dorel Cosma.
  7.  Chairman of the Romanian Folk Federation
  8.  An Appreciation Diploma – for the decisive contribution to the foundation, furtherance and support of musical-artistic school education in the 40 years of activity of the Bistriţa ‘Tudor Jarda’ Music High School
  9.  The Diploma of Honour – for the support granted to the Sîngeorz-Băi ‘Doina Someşeană’ Folk Group in furthering Romanian folklore
  10.  The Excellence Diploma – for the outstanding activity in furthering Romanian humour and satire during the 25 years of life of the ‘Golden Apple’ Satire and Humour Festival carried out in Bistriţa at the Trade Unions House of Culture
  11.  The Diploma of Honour – on the occasion of celebrating 30 years since the creation of the Centre, for the remarkable endeavour in furthering Bistriţa-Năsăud county’s ethnological and ethnographical values – B-N Folk Traditions and Creation Conservation and Valorisation County Centre
  12.  Excellence Diploma – as a sign of high consideration on the occasion of cele-brating 3 years of activity of the ‘Someş Source’ Folk Group – Şanţ township
  13.  The Romanian Folklore Gala – the Diploma of appreciation for the contribution to the conservation of the values in the Bran area – 2010
  14.  ‘The Man of the 2001-2011 Decade in Bistriţa’s Culture’ Excellence Diploma – for furthering and defending the Romanian people’s traditional values in the Romanian and European traditional area, for the entire activity deployed in the service of Romanian culture and as an acknowledgment of the exceptional merits as a cultural manager – 2011
  15.  The Excellence Diploma awarded by the ‘Ballad’ Folk Group for the incredible power of working, overflowing creativity, incessant search for novelty and perpetuation of the concept of authentic and of folk tradition
  16.  Meeting with Bulgaria’s prime minister, Boiko Borisov, and the Award of the ‘Citalista’ National Cultural Organisation from Bulgaria – May 2011
  17.  Excellence Diploma – the Târgu Mureş ‘Scene’ Theatre – May 2011
  18.  Diploma of Honour – Bistriţa Philatelic Society – July 2011
  19.  Diploma of Honour from the part of the B-N County Culture Centre – February 24th, 2011
  20.  Diploma of Honour – Năsăud Town Hall – June 21st, 2011
  21.  Diploma of Honour – Bran (BV county) Town Hall – August 2011
  22.  Diploma of Honour – Kiteghaza, Hungary – August 2011
  23.  Excellence Diploma – The Romanian Federation of Sporting Dance – May 2011
  24.  The European Folklore Union’s award and identity flag – Oct. 2011
  25.  The ‘Protector of Arts’ Award – Ra Literary Association – Libris – Buzău – October 2011
  26.  Diploma of Honour from the ‘Casa România’ from Catalonia – October 2011
  27.  The Award of the Gonveia chief town (Portugal) – November 2011
  28.  The Prize of the Year for Culture in Italy – December 2011
  29.  Diploma of Excellence – the Romanian Writers’ Union – the Sibiu branch
  30.  Literary Virtue Medal – the Romanian Writers’ League
  31.  Maltese Cross embroidered in golden thread – Portugal
  32.  San Giovanni Rotondo town’s Award (Italy)
  33.  Voiron town’s Award (France)
  34.  Diploma Knight of Honour of the Patrimony Order (Spain)
  35.  Karditsa town’s Award (Greece)
  36.  Chitalishta Supreme Council’s Prize (Bulgaria)
  37.  Award of the metropolitan area of Nîmes (France)

II. Book releases

  1. The release on TV Mureş and Radio Tg. Mureş of my own books – ‘Something under Emergence’ and ‘Wanderings’ – March 2011
  2. The release of the Bistriţa Writers Anthology and of the ‘Connections’ magazine, as well as public reading from my own creations in Sighet – March 2011
  3. The release of a book and of the ‘Connections’ magazine at the Favorit TV national channel
  4. The release of a book and of the ‘Connections’ magazine in Hungary (November), Bulgaria (May), Serbia (December)

III. Exhibitions and shows presentation and organisation abroad

  1. Photographic art and folk art exhibition – presented and organised in Prague – February 2011
  2. Exhibition of photographic art from the Romanian tradition – Italy – May 2011
  3. With ‘Someş Crown’ and the municipality delegation in Strassbourg and Herzogenrath
  4. Christmas carol show in the Romanian church from Hungary – December 2011

IV. Own books appeared in 2011

  1. Wanderings
  2. Bistriţa in Revolution (re-edition and completion)
  3. Something under Emergence (re-edition)

V. Presences in anthologies, dictionaries etc. in 2011

  1. Appearance in Today’s Romanian Writers’ Dictionary – Iaşi, 2011
  2. ‘Old Hearth’ – Tg. Mureş – April 2011
  3. ‘Romanian Personalities and Their Deeds – 1950-2000’ de Constantin Toni Dîrţu – Iaşi, 2011
  4. ‘Stop recorder’ by Menuţ Maximinian – Bistriţa 2011
  5. 100 years after the CA Evangelic Gymnasium – at the Bistriţa ‘Liviu Rebreanu’ National High School – 2011
  6. ‘Năsăud Town’s Citizens of Merit’ – a book edited by the Năsăud Town Hall – Bistriţa, 2011
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