Conference and book presentation in Belarus Republic

Conference and book presentation in Belarus Republic

Between 15 and 16 October 2014 our colleagues Mr. Prof PhD Dorel

Cosma and Mr. Prof. Pahone Pop have represented The World Folklore Union

IGF at the International Conference from Moghilev – Belarus.

There were present representatives from 8 countries and they have shown

different themes about culture and traditions.

Mr. Dorel Cosma have presented his work “Traditional culture in present

and the implication of the cultural institutions for the promotion of the traditions

at international level”

There were presented the important activity of the World Folklore Union

IGF and the biggest international events that were made in 2014 like IGF

Folklore Caravan or Folklore Oscar.

In the presentation were exemplificative some issues from the activity of

the Municipal Cultural Center Bistrita and also the implication of the Romanian

National Folklore Association for promoting and sustaining the folklore at

national and international level.

To the entire guest it has been offered the IGF,”Conexiuni” and “Bistrita

Culturala” magazines.

In the same atmosphere were presented the books written by Mr. Cosma

“Jurnal de calatorie si poezie” and “Reportaje preponderente europene”.

The books were offered to the library of the Moghilev Cultural Center who

was celebrating 75 year of activity. Also we enjoyed a great traditional arts

exhibition from Belarus and a large variety of folklore performances.

Into an official moment on the stage the IGF president Mr. Prof Phd Dorel

Cosma together with Vice-president Mr. Nicolas Charlety and Mr. Prof Pahone

Pop we offer to Mr. director Oleg Fedorovici, the special medal “IGF 65” for

the great activity in the promotion of the national folklore values at international


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