Executive Board’s Meeting

Executive Board’s Meeting

3 December 2014

Bistrita – Romania

Executive Board’s Meeting

            On December 3rd, 2014 in Bistriţa, România there took place the I.G.F. Executive Board’s meeting, to which the following were invited : the chairman, the deputy chairman, the vice-chairmen, the secretary general, the deputy secretary general, the president of the Scientific Commission and the president of the Artistic Commission.

The meeting was attended by :

Prof. PhD Dorel Cosma – I.G.F. chairman, Benito Ripoli – vice-chairman, Antonio Vinas – vice-chairman, Rosen Bogdanov – secretary general, Indra Filipsone – deputy secretary general, Franco Megna – the president of the Scientific Commission, Vladan Tesanovici – the president of the Artistic Commission, Pahone Pop – Board member.

The following issues were debated upon and set up :

  1. the event agenda for 2015 ; the following were thus agreed upon :
  •  April 17th – 20th, 2015 – Ourense, Spain : the I.G.F. Board meeting with the Congress of Tourism. Each I.G.F. Board member is to attend it accompanied by 1-2 representatives of tourism from their country. Our website (igfunion.eu) lists the attendance forms, which need to be filled in and sent to the I.G.F. vice-chairman, Antonio Vinas, until 15.01.2015.
  •  June 15th – 30th, 2015 : the I.G.F. Folk Caravan – All confirmations (2 soloists from 10 countries and the route will be discussed during the I.G.F. Board’s meeting in Spain.
  •  August 28th – 29th – 30th, 2015 – I.G.F. General Assembly in Nîmes, France, and the World Folk Stars Festival
  •  October 2015 – in Haifa, Israel, there will be the I.G.F. STAR (the former folklore Oscar prizes).
  1. As a result of the official letter received from the World Cinema Organisation, we had to change the ‘Folklore Oscar’ prize name. In 2008, when this prize was initiated, the then top management neither asked any approval, nor did it register this name. But we must comply with the international laws, so from 2014 we had to stop using this name. Therefore, the I.G.F. Board decided this important prize, which is awarded to the persons that stood out in the folklore valorisation, research and application, to bear the I.G.F. STAR name. According to the collective decision, 5 to 7 I.G.F. STAR prizes will be awarded every year.
  2. the account of I.G.F.’s official documents : The current top management has not yet been given over I.G.F.’s official documents. I.G.F.’s chairman, Dorel Cosma, made steps in this regard at the Nice City Hall and Prefecture, in order to be issued a copy of the documents recorded in 1949. The top management of the French Confederation was asked to get informed about these documents, which are tremendously necessary for submitting large European projects. Unfortunately, so far we have not taken possession of these important papers. Upon the Bistriţa meeting, I.G.F. Executive Board decided to take its own measures for taking possession thereof. After discussions and telephone interventions we hope that this month we will obtain the documents attesting our existence and operation, after which we will initiate the official registration of our logo and of all our activities. We will also proceed to solving all the problems linked to the premises from San Giovanni Rotondo.
  3. I.G.F. Executive Board also analysed the status of the office from San Giovanni Rotondo and it appeared that, in accordance with I.G.F.’s charter and with the Board’s decisions taken in Vilnius, I.G.F. is operating as per the French legislation and that I.G.F.’s incorporation place is Nice. According to the unanimous decision taken in Vilnius, the administrative seat for I.G.F.’s official coordination is now in San Giovanni Rotondo. We wish to deeply thank Mayor Luigi Pompilio for the consideration and the support that he provides to I.G.F. Given that since its incorporation till present days, no possibility has been found to have our own office in Nice, now, 65 years later, we have an utterly favourable situation thanks to the kindness of Mayor Luigi Pompilio, who made us a remarkable offer. Seeing I.G.F.’s pretty difficult financial situation, in the near future our colleague Franco Megna is to draw up a material encompassing our possibilities and variants of using these generous premises. It is the place where every year each Federation will be able to deploy cultural-artistic events and where we intend to have our own library and sound archives, with all the information from I.G.F. In this regard we appreciate the work of our colleagues from F.I.T.P. (the Italian Federation of Folk Traditions), who set out specific work variants, which we will present to all our colleagues during the future meetings.
  4. At the Miscellaneous point, India’s and Estonia’s request to adhere to I.G.F. was debated upon.

We take this opportunity to remind all our colleagues that our website (igf.union.eu) and Facebook page (I.G.F. Folklore Mondiale, which are pages made by the current top management) comprise all the information from I.G.F.

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