February 2015 – San Giovanni Rotondo

February 2015 – San Giovanni Rotondo

In February at San Giovanni Rotondo in Italy we had one IGF Board – work meeting. Despite some of our colleagues could not be present at this meeting we establish some measures regarding the future IGF activities.

  1. We have discussed about all the documents that we need for the official registration of IGF, because as you already know there is an important lack of official documents. According to the decisions made at the meeting from Vilnius we start the process to submit the papers for the new legal office in San Giovanni Rotondo in Italy and the old historic office at Voiron in France. With the support of our President Adj. Nicolas Charlety, IGF will have one office and secretary with 5 days permanent activity.

After we will have all the documents we will talked more details at the meeting from Ourense / Spain and at Nimes / France about Statute and Rules.

  1. Between 17 and 19 April 2015 at Ourense / Spain it will be organized one IGF Board Meeting and the Tourism Congress. Mr. Antonio Vinas – vice president has asked to our colleagues to fill the participation form as soon as possible. Here it will be introduce the new members India, Croatia 2, Hungary and Portugal.
  2. Mr. President Adj. Nicolas Charlety has presented the general program for the IGF General Meeting from Nimes / France between 27 and 29 August 2015. For the World Folklore Stars was proposed groups from 6 countries: Bulgaria, Croatia 2, Spain, Italy, Romania, Serbia and 11 groups from France.
  3. It was discussed also the event IGF Folklore Caravan 2015 which will happen between 19 and 30 June in Portugal, Spain, France and Italy. On 29 June at the office from San Giovanni Rotondo we will organize one big party. Here can participate all IGF members which must pay 100 euro for 28 and 29 June services.

The singers for the caravan are invited to send the participation requests to the IGF president or general secretary – Mr. Rosen Bogdanov. In the next days we will post the registration form. Until now has express their wish to participate singers from: Spain, Portugal, France, Romania, Italy, Bulgaria, Argentina, Croatia and Belarus.

  1. In October 2015 it will be organize in Israel at Haifa one important event “ETERNITY” – World    Folklore Awards (ex. Oscar). More details about this event it will be presented by Mr. Ammen Kasem – president of Israel Folklore Federation.
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