General Meeting 2015

General Meeting 2015

Dear colleagues,

I would like to inform you that between 27 and 29 august 2015 with the support of France Folklore Federation at Nimes it will be organized The IGF General Meeting and The World Folklore Stars.

I’m asking all our colleagues, IGF members, to confirm as soon as possible their participation at this important IGF event, which will follow the next order:

  1. President activity report on his mandate
  2. Treasurer report and IGF financial report
  3. Modifications on IGF Status
  4. IGF elections and future programs
  5. Others

To avoid any problems or discussions we must respect all IGF rules and regulations provided in our IGF status. That why I must remind to all our colleagues some things:

–   Any IGF member, delegated by the Folklore Federation from his country has the right to candidate at the chairs from IGF Board Council

–   The number of delegations and the votes it is written in the IGF status.

–  The right to vote according to IGF status, is provided only if they have paid all IGF taxes.

This days I’ll have the financial situation and after that I’ll know which one has the right to vote and who must pay their debt.

Those one who want to candidate must send one official letter to our general secretary until 30 July 2015. After this date it won’t be accept others candidate requests.

The vote’s process it will be open and in special cases can be transmitted to IGF member’s official delegated by their Federation’s president through one letter that must show the facts that he is the person delegate to vote. Also this letter must be sent to our general secretary.

The IGF World Folklore Stars will happen together with our general meeting and it will be rewarded the folklore groups invited.

In order to organize all the problems for this general meeting I’m asking to all our colleagues to send their participation confirm until 20 July 2015, to the general secretary – Mr. Rosen Bogdanov and to Mr. President Adj. Nicolas Charlety.

After this date we won’t be able to assure you accommodation services.

So please take notice about all this schedules and hope to meet you all in Nimes – France between 27 and 29 August 2015.

Contacts for other information:

– General information:

prof. dr. Dorel Cosma  –

004 0744 706380

–  Participation, arriving details, proposals:

Nicolas Charlety –

0033 4670 095851

–  Official letters

Rosen Bogdanov –

0035 9893 319219

–  Taxes

Claude Serrail –

0033 561 491836

Zelida Charlety –

0033 607 817731

Prof. phD. Dorel Cosma

I.G.F President


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