I.G.F. Folk Caravan

I.G.F. Folk Caravan

I.G.F. Folk Caravan

Always close through folklore

I.G.F. through its chairman proposes the organization of a European Folk Caravan. The purpose of this event is to promote the knowledge of European folklore, to raise awareness for the promotion of folk values. This type of event is organized for the first time in the world through the collaboration and common effort of the National Folk Federations in Romania, Italy, France and Spain.

The event is addressed to folk music singers.

Participants: Two adult folk singers (preferably one male and one female) can take part in this event, irrespective of age, to be recommended by the Folk Federation of the respective country. The two singers can be accompanied by the Chairman of their Federation.

The songs ( a maximum of four for every singer) shall be presented live and the orchestral accompaniament shall be played on CD.

Traditional costumes are mandatory.

The Caravan shall take place between 14 – 28 June, according to the following schedule:

  • June 14th – arrival in Bistriţa –România
  • June 15th – the first festival day in Colibiţa
  • June 16th – the second festival day in Colibiţa and award ceremony
  • June 17th – tour of Bistrita and the Dracula Castle
  • June 18th – Departure to Italy with overnight in Austria
  • June 19th – arrival in Italy
  • June 20th – artistic program in Italy + diplomas
  • June 21st – Program in Italy
  • June 22nd – departure to and arrival in France
  • June 23rd – Show in France
  • June 24th – program in France + diplomas
  • June 25th – departure to Spain, overnight stop
  • June 26th – Arrival in Qurence
  • June 27th – program in Spain
  • June 28th – programe in Spain – diplomas and closure ceremony
  • June 29th – departure of all delegacies

The organizers will provide accommodation, meals and transport on the route. Each delegation will provide transportation to the Caravan festival and return home. The return bus will be departing on the same route so that some delegates will be able to return home on the way back.
Caravan Festival entries are based on the attached form, to be sent and arrive in Bistrita until March 1, 2013.
Taking into account that in this first edition places are limited, federations that send all information as soon as possible shall have priority. Do not forget to send your registration form together with the CD containing the songs to be played in the Festival.


 I.G.F. Folk Caravan

Registration form

  1. Federation…………………………………………………………………..
  2. Participants’ names, age, sex, profession




3. Short presentation of songs

a) subject

b) folk area

c) other

4. Short presentation of the traditional costume the singer will wear:

a) pieces

b) folk area

5. Date of arrival in Bistrita and means of transport ( airplane, train, car, bus)

6. Means of return ( from Spain on the route back or from România)

7. The form will be accompanied by the CD.

To the organizing Federations

Liabilities :

– Provide accommodation and meals during the time they host the event
– Perform the scenario of an extensive show that can host other local groups.
– Perform an extensive publicity of all events and invite officials (mayors, parliamentarians, etc.)
– Prepare and deliver the official diplomas and awards for all participants.
– Provide approximately 600 liters of diesel oil for the bus carrying artists.

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