IGF Folklore Caravan 2014

IGF Folklore Caravan 2014

After Romania and Bulgaria the Caravan has made one stop in Croatia where our colleague Stephan Kovacevic — president of the Folklore Federation “Klas” has done his best to host all the artists. Our trip continues to Italy where unfortunately all the things were not organized at least like in the first edition.

Spain — excellent

Like to balance the things, in Spain, our vice-president Antonio Vinas was involved very well in all matters and he offer us the best conditions for accommodations and also for performing on the stage. All the mass-media from this region spoke and wrote about our event which was applauded by the audience even if in some moments the rain fall on them.

Also our IGF Magazin nr.22 was well received by the audience but also the books of the Romanian writers Dorel Cosma and Menut Maximinian. Here in Ourense was officially presented the IGF postal card which will be offered to all members at the meeting from San Giovanni Rotondo.

Spain, Romania and Bulgaria have done their best making us proud that we are part of IGF. Congratulations!


From Ourense the caravan has traveled to France. Even from our entrance in France the colleagues from the France Folklore Federation have taken good care of us. Rene was a true guide embracing all IGF ideas. First stop was in Nimes where the caravan’s artists were accommodated in good conditions. In the next day they guide us into a tour of the city. The president of this folkloric region — Mr. Claude, has done his best to offer us good conditions for accommodation and meals. From here we travel to Voiron where we were expected with warm by Zelida and Nicolas Charlety. They offer us great conditions at a for stars hotel “Best West”, that makes the artists to feel cherish and respected.

Nicolas Charlety — president adj. of IGF, has opened the festival from Voiron and the caravan’s artists together with the other groups from Tahiti, Ecuador, Georgia and France has offered one great show and a very nice parade through the streets of Voiron.

On the special stage from the city center at the official opening were presents the local authorities but also the president and the vice-president of IGF.

For the Caravan’s members was organized a special meeting with the audience in tbe park where the traditional costumes and songs from Argentina, Bulgaria, Romania, France, Turkey and Spain created a great cultural atmosphere.

This show has closed the Caravan in the rhythm of friendship and understanding. The audience has applauded long time the performing of our artists. The French organizer Zelida and Nicolas Charlety has proved to be fine host for the entire period when the Caravan was in France one good example of friendship and devoting to the IGF activity. I would like to specify this because at the end of the Caravan the Argentinian artists were hosted another two days in France and after they were transferred to the airport.

I would like to thank them for the entire support and for the good image made to the IGF by our colleagues from France — Zelida and Nicolas Charlety, from Spain — Antonio Vinas, from Bulgaria — Rosen Bogdanov and from Romania — Municipal cultural Center and Romanian Folklore Association.

The second edition of the IGF Folklore Caravan with all the hard things was a big achievement. In the name of IGF I would like to thank to all our colleagues who were involved in the success of this event. There are a lot of things to be reminded and I don’t want to forget about someone that why 1 would like to thank also to our bus driver Valentin Pop and tutu Sangerozan who drive more than 8000 km. Gicu Ionele was the man in charge to take care of all artists from the Caravan. The team responsible with the photos and filming have done their job that we will see it in a short time.

Thanks again to our colleagues who delegate singers in the Caravan, artists that show us the love and the cherish for their traditional folklore.

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