In Moghilev, in the Republic of Belarus, was held the International Folklore Symposium dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the National Institute  of Ethnographic and Folkloric Research in the above-mentioned locality.

The Moghilev Institute is the largest folklore research institute in the Republic of Belarus.

Led by director Oleg Fedorovici, the institute marked outstanding successes both nationally and internationally, in addition, he is also a member of the Scientific Commission of the I.G.F.

Delegates from Russia, Azerbaijan, Yacuția, Romania and the host country participated in the symposium. The presentations and discussions focused on the usefulness of the folklore in the contemporary period as well as on the measures needed for a wider adherence of the youth to the folklore movement.

The president of the World Folklore Union – prof.dr. Dorel Cosma, manager of  Bistrița Palace of Culture, presented the activity of I.G.F. to those present, but also the folklore values promoted at the Bistrita Palace of Culture.

The Gala Concert was held in the presence of over 500 spectators who applauded on the open stage the evolution of professional and amateur artists from Moghilev and Minsk.

For the activity performed, both nationally and internationally, the director of the Institute – Oleg Feodorovici was awarded with the gold medal – “I.G.F. – 70” officially presented by the president of the World Folklore Union.

The debates continued after the extraordinary concert, with wide discussions with the specialists of the Institute of Moghilev.

In this regard, an exchange of experience was established between the specialists of the institute and the Bistrita Palace of Culture at the beginning of next year.


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