2014 – From the Chairman’s Agenda

2014 – From the Chairman’s Agenda

The beginning of 2014 marked out the presence of I.G.F.’s Chairman, Prof.

PhD Dorel Cosma, at some outstanding events in Italy. Upon the invitation of Mr.

Benito Ripoli – the chairman of F.I.T.P. (the Italian Federation of Folk Traditions)

and vice-chairman of I.G.F. – we attended the inauguration of the Castrovillari

Carnival. Together with local and national authorities, I.G.F.’s representatives –

Dorel Cosma, Benito Ripoli and Fabrizio Catani – transmitted the opening greeting

in the wonderful Bonifati castle.

Then in Morano we marked out the anniversary of a great artist belonging

to F.I.T.P., Luigi Stabile, who celebrated 32 years of artistic activity as a musician

and choreographer. With Remo Chiappetta he succeeded in imposing the name

of the Morano group amongst the most valuable ones in the entire Italy. Anyway,

the group was granted the great title of Honoured International Folk Group in

Bulgaria in 2013. Awards and prizes were granted on this occasion.

The discussions had on this occasion both with F.I.T.P. and with F.I.S.B. for

completing and organising the Oscar Prizes, W.F.S. and the I.G.F. Caravan were

utterly important.

Still in February, I.G.F.’s Chairman, Prof. PhD Dorel Cosma, was present at

the Milan television, where he set out I.G.F.’s activity and schedule for 2014.

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