Dear friends,

I wish you all a year 2020 as best and with as many achievements I.G.F.

The first meeting for 2020 will be at Satu-Mare, Romania in the period 20-23 March, I.G.F. Bureau Meeting.

The Agenda for the meeting

  1. Presentation of new I.G.F. members and their Federations;
  2. Events calendar for 2020;
  3. Proposals for the Oscars in folklore;
  4. Proposals for the I.G.F Caravan on route: Romania (March) – Spain (June) – Romania (October)
  5. Participation at the festival and I.G.F. Caravan in Satu-Mare (Romania)
  6. Diverse;

At this meeting are expected and invited I.G.F. Board members and the colleagues that are new in I.G.F.

All delegates are expected to arrive on the day of 20th March and departure on 23 March.


I am waiting for proposals from you, for soloists to participate in Satu-Mare, to bring to the I.G.F. Caravan. For a good organization I am waiting for confirmations by the date of 15 January 2020 and means of transport (Car or Plane). For those who will chose plane, the airport where should arrive is Cluj-Napoca where will be waited and take on.

Best regards,

President of I.G.F.

Prof. Phd. Dorel Cosma

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