Through the effort and amiability of Serbian Folklore Federation and our colleague Vladan Tesanovic, we are inviting you to participate at the IGF Board meeting which will happen together with OSCAR Folklore Awards and World Folklore Stars, between 9 and 14 August 2013 in Belgrade – Obrenovac – Serbia.
This event will follow the next program:
9 August – arriving in Belgrade (with airplane) or Obrenova
(with auto)
10 August – parade of traditional costumes, in Belgrade
21.00 – Folkloric Show
World Folklore Stars and offering the IGF flag
11 August
10.00 – IGF Board meeting with the next order:
– analyze of the IGF Folklore Caravan
– analyze of the letters sent by the vice-presidents
and general secretary to the indebt countries
– decisions for the indebt countries
– analyze the financial situation
– preparing the documents for OSCAR Awards
– others
20.00 – OSCAR Folklore Awards
Cocktail for celebrating the Oscar awards owners
(all Oscar awards owner will wear the medal)


12 August – Cultural animation 20.00 – Folkloric Show 13 August – International Cooking 20.00 – World Folklore Stars 14 August – Departure of all delegation Serbian Folklore Federation will provide free accommodation and meals for IGF members, but the transport’s expenses belongs to everyone. Please try to confirm your participation until 1 July 2013.

Also we are kindly asking to every federation to pay the annual fee tax as soon as possible – until 1 July 2013. The account and other details you can find on our website


Best regards, prof. phd. Dorel Cosma I.G.F. President


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