14 – 30 June 2013

Around summertime this great event gains a lot of success which bring a good publicity to our IGF association. We have travel more than 8000 km trough Europe carrying with us the message of friendship and cherish for the world folklore values.

Congratulation to all 4 federations which guest it the first edition of the caravan:

– Romanian Folklore Association

– FITP Italy

– France Folklore Confederation

– Spanish Folklore Federation

Our colleagues from IGF have made their best to organize, to receive and to offer us all the support for this caravan.

In Romania the event starts at Bistrita and Colibita. The mayor from Colibita, Mr. Vasile Laba (member of A.N.F.R) together with other colleagues from Romanian federation and Municipal Cultural Center had organized the beginning of the caravan near the lake Colibita, a wonder of nature with beautiful landscape. The accommodation and meals were at 4 stars level.

From Bistrita, the caravan left to Italy in Lombardia region where our colleague Benito Ripoli (IGF vice-president, FITP president) receive us with warm and kindness.

Here we perform 3 successfully spectacles together with some FITP members like Mr. Fabrizio Caetta – vice-president of Italian federation. Also we participate at some official meetings and touristic visits or moments of joy.

In the beautiful mountain city Leco the president of IGF – Mr. prof. phd. Dorel Cosma has received the special prize for cultural activity. The entire caravan participants have received diplomas from FITP.

After, the caravan left to France at Voiron where our colleague Nicolas Charlety (IGF President Adj., president of France federation) and his wife Zelida received us with great pleasure. Because it was a long and tired trip, our friend Nicolas has done all the efforts to offer us accommodation in the best conditions to a very elegant 4 stars hotel.

The performances presented on a big stage in the front of Voiron City Hall were followed by success and applause from the audience which expresses gratitude for all the artists.

In his position of vice-mayor, Mr. Nicolas Charlety has prepared for us an official ambience in which all the guest received diplomas and t-shorts and the IGF president received the medal of Voiron City.

In our way to Spain the caravan made a stop at Campan the city of our colleague Paulette Boylac where we perform a short concert in a church and we have visited Lourdes.

We continue our trip to Spain and we have arrived in a beautiful city called Ourense where our colleague Antonio Vinas (IGF vice-president, president of Spanish Federation) expected us with joy and happiness.

It was a long road but our friend Antonio prepares for us special accommodation conditions in a thermal touristic complex of 4 stars. In this beautiful and elegant place we have participated at some official reception and two fine spectacles. The final show of IGF Folklore Caravan was organized in the center of Ourense City on a special stage in front of a big audience which gave applause to all artists. I remember the sound, lights and decors but also the large crowd which stay with us in spite of the football game Spain – Italy. I was a wonderful night and everyone received also diplomas at the end of this great event.

I want to thank again to our colleagues Benito Ripoli from Italy, Nicolas Charlety from France, Antonio Vinas from Spain and Petre Petruse from Romania for supporting this great folklore event.

Also congratulation to all colleagues who have sent talented participants singers in the caravan: Rosen Bogdanov – Bulgaria, Ameen Kasem – Israel, Cengis Veznikli – Turkey, Zenon Kolobych – Ukraine.

And special thanks to the singers:

Bulgaria: Maria Petkova

Pavlina Hristova

Italy: Inoria Bande

Matteo Dore

Sebastiana Manu

Israel: Kobrin  Michael

Spain: Agostino Iglesias

Jose Anotnio Vinas

Grece: Costea  Aurelia

Comşa Adina

Doscas  Cristache

Ukraine: Nazar Tatsyshyn

Kukhar Nataliia

Romania: Ceuca Alina

Adina Băieşiu

Turda Raul

Petre Petruse

Turkey: Baran Salman

Ezgi Benli

Moldova: Valentin Morar

Dragomir Nicolae

Ungaria: Molnar Iosif

Bokor Kiss Anna Ildikó


Like a general conclusion I have to say that this first edition of IGF Folklore Caravan, a world unique event, was a success.

Initiated and organized by IGF, we wish that this event should continue and in the next editions others colleagues might join us.

At the IGF meeting from Belgrade (9 – 14 August 2013) we will discuss more about this and I’ll wait your proposals for 2014.

Here on our website you can find some beautiful photos from this great folklore event.

prof. phd. Dorel Cosma

IGF President


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