From the Agenda of I.G.F. President

From the Agenda of I.G.F. President

A Visit to Ukraine

In October 2013, I.G.F.’s president, Prof. PhD Dorel Cosma, and I.G.F.’s

secretary general, Rosen Bogdanov, paid a visit to the Ukrainian Folklore

Federation, run by Mr. Zenon Kolybich. On this occasion Mr. Zenon Kolybich was

awarded the Membership Certificate, which provides him with full rights within

I.G.F. The schedule in Livov consisted in visits to cultural establishments and of

course at the seat of the host group. A series of cultural connections from various

artistic fields, as well as the extension of the collaborations with all I.G.F. member

countries were now set up. A particular meeting took place at the Art Museum

of Livov and a discussion with a deputy in the Ukrainian Parliament, Mr. Andrei

Mociarki, with whom the foundations of an ample folk event, the very first one of

the kind in Livov, were set up.

The meeting with the group run by president Zenon Kolybich within the

Livov Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy was touching and really charming.

It was another demonstration of complete valuable exercise of the Ukrainian

folklore. Mrs. Maria Kolybich and Olha accompanied I.G.F.’s delegation at all

times, providing a documented account of yesterday’s and today’s history of


In the months to come, a complex exhibition of traditional Ukrainian folk

art is expected in Bistriţa, Romania, which will be hosted by the ‘Lion House’

Galleries, which gladly awaits all I.G.F. Federations.

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