From the president’s diary

From the president’s diary

At the initiation of the Russian Folklore Federation, our IGF president – prof. PhD. Dorel Cosma were present at the Festival from Sinigore from Chelyabinsk – Russia. Together with the president was Mr. Benito Ripoli – IGF vice-president, Mr. Rosen Bogdanov – IGF general secretary, Mr. Psenica Zdenek and Ms. Jarmila Mrnuštíková – Czech Folklore Federation and also Mr. Luigi Pompilio the mayor from San Giovanni Rotondo – Italy.

Together with the president of the Russian Folklore Federation, Ms. Julia Budilkina we have participated at the extraordinary opera concerts, we have visited museums, art galleries from Chelyabinsk and Ekaterinburg.

Very interesting and useful was the discussion with the Ministry of Culture from Chelyabinsk region and also our visit to the place where the meteorite has fall in February 2013.

We have discussed and schedule some important cultural activities for the future.

The IGF president and the general secretary on their way back home, they have made one short visit to the Turkish Folklore Federation – Harmanfolk directed by Mr. Bulent Uzun who guide them through Istanbul and they have discussed some international project. Also Mr. Bulent has received the certificate of IGF member.

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