People who attended :



Jose Antonio VINAS


Franco MEGNA

Giorgio CUTSAK



Michalis LANITIS





M. Dorel Cosma thanks M. Rosen Bogdanov to welcom the I.G.F. Board in Sofia for this meeting.


  1. New member :

The Russian federation “Chelyabinsk” composed of 10 groups wants to become member of I.G.F.

The board approved its adhesion unanimously.

A festival will be organised there in October 2019.


Nicolas Charléty proposes that a video can be made of each new federation so through the I.G.F. T.V. all members from I.G.F. can discover the new members (not only the board).


  1. I.G.F. T.V. :

Dorel Cosma reminds everybody to send videos from the federations in order to make programs on the I.G.F. T.V. and on the website.

MP 4 is a good way to send them.

He insists that federations have to send films, not the groups directly.


  1. I.G.F. Caravan :

Antonio presents the 2018 edition : from june 21st until june 25th 2018 in Ourense.

Airport : St Jacques de Compostelle / transfers from airport to Ourense.

Good conditions of accommodation : 4 stars hotel.

Program : 4 shows + one big show in the Cathedral + one official reception

6 countries are invited, 2 to 3 persons per country

Finland is invited, yet they are not members of I.G.F.


Nicolas Charléty thanks Antonio for this organisation and suggests to call it “I.G.F. Festival of Music and Songs” for 2019 because it is no more a caravan moving from one country to another.

The board approved this proposal unanimously.


For 2019 : invitation of countries members of I.G.F. + 1 country which is not member to try to inform it about I.G.F. and try to get a new member.

The board approved this proposal unanimously.


Dorel Cosma explains that the caravan as it was done at the very beginning cost a lot of money and it was very tiring for participants, this is why he asked Antonio to make it at Ourense.


For 2018 : Spain, Israël, Finland, Bulgaria


Antonio Vinas precises he always invites a federation, not a group directly.

Dorel Cosma underlines that all members of I.G.F. can participate, not only the board.

He also reminds that all the members of the board have some federations in charge, it is not only to make them pay.

He says it is very important to check the I.G.F. website and to propose informations to be put on it.


Michalis Lanitis says that many countries are working. Is it a problem if there are each year the same countries, if the other cannot or don’t even answer ?

Dorel Cosma answers that there are many countries members of I.G.F. so we are supposed to succeed showing different countries each year, and not only countries from the board.


  1. I.G.F. Gold Stars / World Folklore Stars :


Michalis Lanitis spoke with his mayor before the meeting in Interlaken and he thought at this time that he could organise it without problem because his mayor promised it.

He sent the official invitations.

But ten days before the meeting in Sofia his mayor asked him to cancel two groups. Michalis Lanitis refused because of the tickets of plane. But he had no choice. Michalis Lanitis thanks Antonio Vinas and Vladan Tesanovic because they cancelled their groups.

For the Oscar : 15 persons maximum are invited. This number has been requested by the mayor. Michalis Lanitis informed Dorel Cosma and asks help from the board of I.G.F. to know what to do.


Nicola Charléty says that all federations have difficulties. He thanks Michalis Lanitis who is very courageous, he understands him. What Nicolas wants to say is for each year : in I.G.F. all federations are equal, either they are big or no. It is important that the board does not forget the federations which are members of I.G.F. and not in the board. We need to make the effort to let them participate. Each time a federation joins I.G.F. they pay for a cotisation but it is important they have activities inside I.G.F.


2018 nominations (2 persones for each country) : Cyprus, France, Israël, Russia


Michalis Lanitis proposes to wait for 10 days more to get a fifth nomination.


Benito Ripoli apologizes for what happened last year with Itlay, so they don’t want to nominate someone this year.


Nidal Kassem proposes that each time a member of the board who has in charge some federations contacts them, they send a copy of the mail to Dorel Cosma, in order to put some order.


Rosen Bogdanov underlines the importance to have the same model of statutes (prizes) each year.


René Sourisseau asks if all federations members receive the information about the Gold Stars ? He wishes all federations can participate, not only federations from the board.


Nicolas Charléty proposes that each year the general secretary sends to all federations informations about the Gold Stars, with copy to the president.

The board approved this proposal unanimously.


Michalis Lanitis wishes to invite everybody but his  mayor did not make what he promised…

He makes people aware that during summer hotels will be full so it is important that people who want to go there in next august tell it quickly to Michalis Lanitis. He suggests to Dorel Cosma to send a mail to all members of the board and that people answer in a short time.


Michalis Lanitis says he feels very proud and sorry at the same time.


  1. I.G.F. Deleagtion in Vietnam :


At the very beginning, 20 persons were invited then the embassy of Vietnam reduced to 10 persons. Dorel Cosma feels very sorry for that.

Now Vietnam is a federation member of I.G.F.

Groups from Vietnam already came in Europe to participate in festivals.

Dorels Cosma explains who will go to Vietnam and wants that people know he will pay personnaly for his wife.

Nicolas Charléty will be nominated technical advisor for festivals in Vietnam. Groups from federations of I.G.F. will be invited in Vietnam.


  1. Academy of choregraphers :


Nicolas Charléty explains what will be the Academy of Choregraphers.

At the very beginning the project was inside Europe and now it is worldwide with India and Vietnam.

The first meeting took place in Voiron in November 2017.

The diploma will be recognised by C.I.D. UNESCO and by the European Union.

The cursus will be in 3 separate weeks during one year.

Week 1 (December) : Muscles, Body, Development

Week 2 (February) : History of Dance

Week 3 (May)  : Technics


Each federation are asked to send some CV of teachers of dances (from university or dance school), and some books or documents to establish a basis.


Concerning the administrative part Nidal Kassem has already worked on it, he will get an appointment in Brussels with Nicolas Charléty.

Nidal Kassem explains that it will be easier with UNESCO but with the European Union it is useful to get one document signed officially by each federation, it will be stronger.


Michalis Lanitis says that it depends on the country, sometimes we call a teacher of dance or a choregrapher but it is the same. For the European Union the right word is “choregrapher”.


Giorgio Cutsak asks about the conditions to participate.

Nicolas Charléty answers that :

®     Candidates will be presented by their federation;

®     Expenses : European Union will pay for teacher’s salary and transport fees / the municipality of Voiron will let for free dance room to practice, class rooms, and secretary (thanks to the legal seat of I.G.F. which is in Voiron) / it will remain food and accommodation.


UNESCO is OK to recognise the diploma, and Nicolas Charléty is in good relations with the Council of Dance in the Ministry of Culture.

It will be important to make the diploma recognised inside the countries so the federations will be able to get some financial support.


Franco Magna attended this first meeting in Voiron and he found it very interesting.

Three languages will be officially used : French, English and Italian.


Nicolas Charléty explains that it is not a good thing to have registration of the cursus because of the intellectual property and he fears that some people will look at the videos and will not come in the cursus in the future.

About the price each participant will have to pay, it will be calculated and precides on the registration form.


  1. Collaboration with U.N.E.S.C.O. :


Rosen Bogdanov explains there is a center for culture in Sofia which invited I.G.F. to be a member. On Friday april 13th 2018 Dorel Cosma went there with Rosen Bogdanov and now I.G.F. became a member of it.

During the month of may there will be the first meeting.

In next September the members of board of this center will be elected.

All countries from eastern Europe are represented.

It is not a governmental organization, it is an organization for culture.

Dorel Cosma thanks Rosen Bogdanov and congratulates him.


  1. I.G.F. Magazine 2017/2018 :


The I.G.F. magazine is printed in 300 copies. Is was difficult for Dorel to bring all of the copies by plane. It will be given at each I.G.F. event.


  1. I.G.F. Album :


Dorel Cosma would like to make an album. He asks each federation to send photos

  • One photo of each president of federation;
  • Photos representing the activities of each federation.

He wants the album to be of high quality. This could be the official I.G.F. gift in case of official receptions.


  1. Calendar :


It is still important to send to Dorel Cosma all the events with dates of each federation.

Franco Megna shows the example of calendar made by the F.I.T.P.

1000 copies cost 2000 €

On each page a month with its traditions are presented. Some spaces are sold to partners which promote their product.

This could be very interesting for I.G.F. but it requires lot of work and pictures of very high quality.

Nicolas Charléty  proposes that a partnership with sponsors added with a compensation from the federation which want to be promoted could pay the fees of production. So there would be no cost for I.G.F.

Giorgio Cutsak says that as the price will depend on the number of pages, it is important to calculate in advance the cost to be clear with the federations.


  1. Finances :


René Sourisseau wants to understand why there are so many countries on the website if I.G.F. and in reality only a few of them pay for their cotisation.

René Sourisseau reads a table to check the federations which don’t pay.

He asks if it is useful to let such countries on the website ?

For Vladan Tesanovic it is not a good idea to put them off the website.

For Giorgio Cutsak it is better to inform the federations they owe money and to let them time to pay.

René Sourisseau reminds to the board that each member of the board is responsible for several federations and it is their job to remind the federations to pay.

Giorgio Cutsak proposes to put a deadline.

Dorel Cosma gives the list of the 15 countries which did not pay.

He asks members of the board to contact federations to make them pay :

®     Nidal Kassem contacts Egypt;

®     Nicolas Charléty contacts Croatia and Mexico

®     Rosen Bogdanov contacts Belarus and Russia

®     Michalis Lanitis contacts Irland and Danmark

®     Benito Ripoli contacts Tchek Republic and Portugal

®     Vladan Tesanovic contacts Bosnia, Montenegro and Algeria

®     Antonio Vinas contacts Argentina

®     Dorel Cosma contacts Germany, Austria and Turkey


Dorel Cosma gives the information that federations which will not pay will disappear from the I.G.F. website.


Nicolas Charléty thinks it unacceptable that I.G.F. makes publicity for I.O.V. or C.I.O.F.F. throughout federations which are members if it.


René Sourisseau says that there is an amount of 4500 € as entrance each year. But it is not enough for an international organisation.  Actually the printing of two magazines cut the budget in two. So we need to find solutions to have more means.

Why not increasing the cotisation fee ?

His proposal for 2019 is :

®     From 1 to 50 groups : 250 €

®     From 50 to 100 groups : 500 €

®     From 100 and more groups : 750 €

The board approved this proposal unanimously.


  1. Dates :


November 2018 : International Festival for singers in Romania, Dorel Cosma expects two singers by country (if possible with music instrument)


November 2018 : Board in Vilnius, exact days will be communicated later.


Dorel Cosma reminds everybody to watch Facebook, it is easy to communicate.


Dorel Cosma proposes to organise a meeting next year with board members’ children to settle a “Young I.G.F. Board” because it is very important to train young people. The place if this meeting could be the Black Sea in Bulgaria.


September 2019 : General Assembly of I.G.F. in “Le Puy du Fou” in France.


Dorel Cosma proposes to maintain one board with only board members and to have one board with all members from I.G.F.


December 2018 : Nicolas Charléty presents the festival of culinary traditions, with a traditional market with local products. The aim is to receive one professional cooker from each country and to invite all countries members of I.G.F.

The Michelin Guide will be partner, and Sodexo a sponsor.

During the Gala Show I.G.F. Gold Stars can be organised.

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