I.G.F Board Conference , Nowy Sacz – Malopolskie Poland

I.G.F Board Conference , Nowy Sacz – Malopolskie Poland

Under the Support of Polish federation in the I.G.F , Malopolskie from Nowy Sacz – Poland , Led by  Mrs. Malgorzata Broda , a rich cultural & Natural space  folklore and colors Including an organized visits to a number of several cultural, religious, welfare, Art & history epicentrums- the Igf board members who participated will no doubt keep a feel of belonging .

The I.G.F board meeting toke a place on 25/3/2023 – it was held at the opening of the president of the IGF Prof. Dr. Cosma, who mentioned the benifits and the much active  the Polish federation is specialy in the last 5 years in it actions under the title of the IGF union .

The Boad discused main issues on the timetable of 2023 :

  • A minute of  Silence in the memory of our igf family lost :
    Mr. Rosen Bogdanov – IGF Bulgaria.
  • Discussion about the memorial plaque for Antonio Jose May he be well remembered and the visit to Ourence Spain on June 2023.
  • The Special Prize on the Name of Zinon Kolobych for ” 1st Chereographer” that it will be on in the very close future.
  • the Gold Star 2023 nominations file, including the preperations for the gala in satu mare, romania on may.
  • Guidelines and review of the Rules & Order of the election meeting in Israel september 2023 following the IGF Statu.
  • the title “Senator” for life from the IGF union.
  • the tile ” Adjoint ” in the IGF union
  • Current daily issues : Fee / Igf website / magazine

The members got the great chance of visiting in the Nowy Sazc Municipality honorably meeting the city mayor and one of the city Folklore Local Ensembles.


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