The International Conference – I.G.F Board Meeting , Haifa – ISRAEL (September 2022)

The International Conference – I.G.F Board Meeting , Haifa – ISRAEL (September 2022)

The IGF Board meeting joining Federations from Israel, Romania, France, Vietnam, Lituania, Poland and Ukraine as a special guest took place between 1-3 september in Haifa, Israel.

The discussions focused on the cultural issues of 2022 and the reparations for 2023. The meeting was lead by Prof. PhD Dorel Cosma, who called the attention of the meeting on the following issues:

1) the proper editing of the presentations of each national federation forwarded to the President as we wish to get a clear mirroring of each federation;

2) the editing of a new issue of the IGF magazine, inviting the distinguished colleagues to forward press materials illustrating the activity of each national federation;

3) the updating of the IGF website, a task that the legal advisor of IGFF, Nidal Kassem is officially entrusted with;

4) the task of producing a sculpture representing the late Jose Antonio Vinas, to be placed in the town of Ourense with the support of the local authorities. The term is mid November and coincides with the first edition of the “IGF Caravan Jose Antonio Vinas”. The national federations who wish to take part in this caravan are to notify the President, the respective delegations consisting of the president of the participating national federation and one vocalist. The expenses of the sculpture will be covered by the IGF, the expenses of being part of the caravan to each national federation.

This point has been voted and accepted, the president of the IGF is to study the possibilities and to keep the members updated.

5) The following meetings have been forwarded for next year: – Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, IGF Board meeting – IGF Gold Star, ex. Oscar, Vietnam – General Assembly, Israel The locations were approved by vote, the members will be informed about the date and other details as soon as possible.

6) The membership fee has sparked a heated debate after the general treasurer and the deputy general treasurer have informed the audience about the balance. The executive bureau has voted financial support for the official delegations (according to demand, the existing funds and with the approval of the president and the general treasurer). The finances and contributions of each federation received a close scrutiny, according to the by Rules of the IGF.

The president has thaked the federations of France, Albania and Israel for taking part in the international symposium in Satu-Mare, Romania. On behalf of all the participants, Dr. Dorel Cosma thanked the colleagues from Israel, Ameen and Nidal Kassem for their exceptional contribution in organizing this meeting in the historical areas of Israel.

This has been a proof of friendship and respect for all that the IGF stands for.


IGF Board Meeting in Haifa: 

Dorel Cosma,  president

Nicholas Charlety, – president adj

Ameen Kassem,  vice-president

Pahone Pop,   vice-treasurer

Birute Akelatiene, board member

Malgorzata Broda, board member

Nghiem Xuan Dong, board member

Maria Kolobych, guest rep. Ukraine federation

Nidal Kassem, legal adviser

Joined by Zoom Connection  :

Renee Sourisso, treasurer

Vladan Tesanovici, vice-president

Zelida Stulesatz, vice secretary general



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