I.G.F CARAVAN JOSE ANTONIO VINAS (r.i.p) 15-18 June Orence, Spain.

I.G.F CARAVAN JOSE ANTONIO VINAS (r.i.p)   15-18 June Orence, Spain.

strove and succeeded in making a memorable and first edition of its kind. Official members of the Board and Unique Artists from Spain, Romania, Italy, Israel and France responded to the invitation.


For  four  days,  in  June,  2023,  Qurense, Spain, was the host of the international event I.G.F. Caravan – “Jose Antonio Vinas”.Under the coordination of I.G.F. and the prestigious Queixinos dos Pinos Association, the  Qurense  area  put  on  festive  clothes. Folklore was at a great height managing to recall the memory of the great man of culture Jose Antonio Vinas. Passed away far too soon from our world, Antonio looked at us from heaven with the same smile and hope for peace and friendship. After years in a row he managed to impose  the  name  of  the  Caravan  in  the  world  folk art movement, now we all considered it necessary  that  the  name  of  this  important international  event  should  be  attributed  to Antonio. With verve and a rarely seen spirit of sacrifice, Antonio’s mother, Maria Rita Mira,


At the Regional Council of Qurense all the delegations were welcomed by the leadership of the Council of Deputies who offered Qurense albums to all participants. On behalf of the I.G.F. spoke Dr. Dorel Cosma – president of the I.G.F. and Benito Ripoli deputy president of the I.G.F. who evoked the figure of their former colleague Antonio Vinas Mira. The moment in  the  Qurense  cemetery  was  particularly moving. The I.G.F. delegates paraded in front of Antonio’s grave to the tune of religious music with laying of flowers and candles.


This was a remarkable event for which the organizers deserve all the congratulations.


In  the  churchyard  of  Los  Gozos,  the special  moment  of  the  unveiling  of  the commemorative plaque dedicated to Antonio Vinas followed. The local authorities of Galicia, the  parish  priest,  and  the  president  of  the  I.G.F.  Dorel  Cosma  delivered  speeches.  The commemorative  plaque,  financed  by  I.G.F., was made of bronze by the artist Camilo Seira who created an exceptional artistic work that will remain in the permanent memory of those who love and value popular culture.The evolutions of the exceptional artists of the representatives bodies of the I.G.F., led by important personalities from the member countries,  followed.  Italy-  Benito  Ripoli  – President F.I.T.P and Deputy President of I.G.F, France- Nicholas Charlety – President C.N.F.F. and deputy president of I.G.F, Israel – Nidal Kasem president of the v.Federation of Israel and Legal Advisor of I.G.F., Romania – Prof. Pahone Pop – executive president of the Federation of Romania, Robert Laszlo – first vice-president of the Federation of Romania and Lucian Stroe –  vice-president  of  Federation  of  Romania, Gustavo Hernandez president of the folklore groups of the Canary Islands and Maria Rita Mira, president of Queixinos dos Pinos. At the top level of the I.G.F. The World Folklore Union was represented by the president of I.G.F. Dr. Dorel Cosma. Important names from the world of  international  folklore  performed  on  the Festival stage.


By: Doris Nedelea  (i.g.f. magazine #31 – 2023)


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