Dear fellows ,

The I.G.F. Board meeting at Interlaken – Switzerland was a beautiful accomplishment and I think that our fellow Johaness Schmidt Kunz deserves our congratulations.

2017 was a year of outstanding accomplishments for the I.G.F.:

–         the Conference housed by the Romanian Parliament (May)

–         the I.G.F.  Caravan (June, Spain)

–         I.G.F. Gold Star and Folk Star  ( August – Kosovo – Serbia )

–         the Exhibition of folk costumes of the Național Confederation of France în Romania (August)

–         I.G.F Board – Interlaken – Switzerland (September)

You will find informations and graphic material about these and other events on www.igf.union.eu.

Dear fellows

1. It is our wish to organize in 2018 in addition to the usual I.G.F. Board a general assembly with all I.G.F. members. In this respect we are looking forward to receive proposals from those of our felloows who have the capacity to host such a meeting with a set duration of two days (two hotel nights) for approximately sixty persons. We think it is useful to have such a  meeting at least once a year. This meeting could take place together with an international Festival. I am looking forward for your reply with the mention that transportation should be the responsibility of each I.G.F. member, the organizer being în charge of hotel and catering expenses.

2. I ask all fellows to nominate important cultural personalities in your respective countries for the awarding of the I.G.F. Gold Star ( ex. Oscar).

3. I ask all fellows to inform me of all international manifestations that you organize (festival, symposium, exhibition, round table talk, films, a.s.o) not later than November 15 2017, so that we can include these events in the I.G.F. Calendar for 2018. We have several delighting manifestations in France, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Israel, Spain, a.s.o. which, alongside with other manifestations we wish to promote to the attention of the entire world.

4. We are looking forward to receive from you folklore films to broadcast them on I.G.F. – TV

5. Please do not forget about the important contest în ethnographic films organized in Italy.

6. We kindly invite you to follow the website igfunion.eu where you find all informations.

7. Important ! Please do not forget you membership fee! The treasurer Rene Sourriseau and his deputy Pahone Pop will kindly offer you all the details. Do not neglect!

Kind regards

IGF President,

Prof. Phd. Dorel  Cosma

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