Dear fellows ,

  Below you will find a list of the important issues decided by the I.G.F. Board in Interlaken:

  1. Accepting new members into the I.G.F

–  India has been accepted and has to clear the membership fee for 2017. In charge: the President of the Federation of India – Falguni Hiren and the Deputy President of the I.G.F. – Nicolas Charlety

–  Vietnam has been accepted and has to clear the membership fee for 2017 and the visit of an I.G.F. Board delegation to Vietnam în April 2018. In charge: President M. Gwen și and the Deputy President of the I.G.F. – Nicolas Charlety

– Argentina has been accepted with a new team which still has to be forwarded to the I.G.F., National President  – Laura Franchini , Vicepresident Augustino and the ten groups from Argentina that are part of the new federation. In charge: Laura Franchini and Augusto and the President of the I.G.F. . – Dorel Cosma

The Federation of Argentina will inform the I.G.F. Board on the possibility of organizing a meeting with a delegation of the I.G.F. Board in 2018 în Argentina.

–  The Federation of Jordan has been accepted in principle and is to forward to the Board membership and leadership. The efforts of the Federation from Egypt to produce important folklore events were noted due to our fellow Alla. Jordan and Egypt will be supported and aided by our fellow Vicepresident I.G.F. – Ameen Kassem.

–  I.G.F. Board was informed of the intention of becoming members of the Federations from: Bosnia – Herțegovina, Georgia, Azerbaidjan, Peru. These Federations are the responsibility of the Vicepresident  I.G.F. – Vladan Tesanovic

–  The I.G.F. treasurer has presented the state of the membership fee payments and the respective responsibilities. Late in completing the payment are:

  1. Belarus – in charge Oleg Fedorovici and general Secretary I.G.F. Rosen Bogdanov
  2. Letonia – in charge Ernest Spici and I.G.F. Board member Birute Akelatiene
  3. Mexico – in charge prof. Manuel Ruiz and Vicepresident Benito Ripoli
  4. Mexico CH-OH – EC – in charge Ivonne Espinosa and President I.G.F. Dorel Cosma
  5. Czehia – in charge Vicepresident I.G.F. Vladan Tesanovic
  6. Rusia – in charge General Secretary Rosen Bogdanov and President I.G.F Dorel Cosma
  7. Slovakia – in charge Josef Revac and General Secretary Rosen Bogdanov
  8. Turkey – in charge Bulent Uzun and President I.G.F – Dorel Cosma
  9. Portugal – in charge Vicepresident I.G.F. Antonio Vinas
  10.  Kroatia – „Druzina” – in charge Manda Svirac și Vicepresident I.G.F Vladan Tesanovic

The federation that will not complete the payment of the membership fee by December 1, 2017 will loose their membership.

With support from The Folklore Confederation of France an international course for choreographers is scheduled in November 2017. Each federation can send 2 members to attend this course. More information can be provided by Deputy President  Nicolas Charlety.

F.I.T.P. – annouces a prestigious competition of ethnographic fims. Each federation can take part with a 15’ film. More information from the President of the Scientific Board of the  I.G.F. Luigi Scala and Franco Megna – I.G.F. Board member.

I am looking forward to receive by the end of September, 2017 final proposals for:

–  I.G.F. Board – Vilnius – May 2018

–  I.G.F. Gold Star and Folk Star – Cyprus – August 2018

–  I.G.F. Caravan 1 – Spain –  Junie 2018

–  I.G.F. Caravan. 2 – France

Attention please! I am looking forward to receive proposals for a general assembly – possibly in March, April 2018 (60 persons) – 2 days – two nights hotel.

President I.G.F.

Prof.dr. Dorel Cosma

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