IGF Board Council Meeting Serbia 2013

IGF Board Council Meeting Serbia 2013

Between 9 and 13 August 2013 in Belgrade and Obrenovac – Serbia was organized an IGF Board Meeting and the OSCAR Folklore Awards.

The delegation who participated at these events was:

– Romania: Dorel Cosma – IGF President,

Pahone Pop – IGF board council member

Doris Gîța, Mihai Berbunschi – IGF president counselor

– France: Nicolas Charlety – IGF President Adj.

– Italy: Benito Ripoli – IGF vice-president

– Spain: Antonio Vinas – IGF vice-president

– Cyprus: Michalis Lanitis – IGF vice-president

– Bulgaria: Rosen Bogdanov – IGF general secretary

– Greece: Giorgio Cutsak  – IGF board council member

– Serbia: Vladan Tesanovic – IGF member

– France: Zelida Charlety  – IGF member

– Croatia: Ante Kordun – IGF member

– Israel: Ameen Kasem  – IGF member

– Russia: Yulia Budilkina, Evgeniya Ovchin – IGF member

– Slovakia: Josef Revak  – IGF member

– Turkey: Cengiz Veznikli  – IGF member

This meeting was at open level so in this way could participate all IGF members presented in Belgrade.

The order of this meeting was composed from the next problems:

  1. Analyzing the first edition of IGF Folklore Caravan

IGF president – prof. dr. Dorel Cosma has informed everybody about this great international event and he has congratulated all 4 federation who has organized and supported the caravan: Romania, Italy, France and Spain.

Was underlining the great accommodation conditions provided by the organizers but also the great performances presented by the singers on the stages.

Of course that there are some other issues to be resolved but in conclusion this first edition was a success. For theirs efforts the presidents and the folklore federations that have supported the Caravan where congratulated in public and were rewarded with IGF distinctions.

Also was appreciated the effort of our colleagues and federations who sent singers to participate in the Caravan: Bulgaria (Rosen Bogdanov), Israel (Ameen Kassem), Turkey (Cengiz Veznikli), Romania (Pahone Pop), Italy (Benito Ripoli), Spain (Antonio Vinas) and Ukraine (Zenon Kolobych).

     IGF Board have decided that this important event should continue and the second edition from 2014 will be organized by the folklore federation from Romania, Italy, France, Spain and maybe other countries who want to join this important international event. It’s enough time until next year to prepare singers to participate and we must insist that everybody should wear traditional costumes.

     In the next period we will try to communicate to all our colleagues the exact period when will happen the second edition of IGF Folklore Caravan.

  1. Analyze of the financial situation

For a good functionality the Board has decided for a Treasurer Adj. that must help our colleague Mr. Claude Serrail. This help was decided to be Mrs. Zelida Charlety which has already started his activity by collecting the taxes and balanced the debt of some countries. Together with our current treasurer Mr. Claude Serrail and the help of Mrs. Zelida Charlety, they will establish one clear financial situation for 2013.

In the idea to have a clear financial situation the President of IGF have offer some certificates of members which have on the back side special square for annual visas which will be stamp and sign after the pay of IGF taxes.

All countries member will receive this kind of certificate at the next meetings.

  1. Analyze of the countries with old unpaid taxes and low activity.

Vice-president Benbito Ripoli has informed us about the situation with the Folklore Federation from Czech Republic, Vice-president Antonio Vinas – about the situation with the Folklore Federation from Portugal and Vice-president Michalis Lanitis – about the situation with the Folklore Federation from Hungary.

IGF Board has decided to respect our IGF Status and until the next meeting we will apply the rules provided in the status.

  1. There have been read it and approved the next 4 proposals for OSCAR Folklore Awards 2013.
  2. After the request of joining our organization there have been approved to became IGF members the next countries:
  • Algeria
  • Argentina
  • Belarus

In the end of our meeting was decided the place for the next IGF Board meeting and that will be in Lithuania.

Our activity from Belgrade – Obrenovac has continued with one important event – OSCAR Folklore Awards 2013.

At the beginning we have offer special distinction to important persons from Serbia who has supported our events. Also we have offered some special distinction to the 4 folklore federation who have organized and supported the IGF Folklore Caravan:

– Romania – Pahone Pop

– Italy – Benito Ripoli

– France – Nicolas Charlety

– Spain – Antonio Vinas

The OSCAR Folklore Awards were offered to the next persons:

– Benito Ripoli – President of FITP and IGF vice-president

– Rosen Bogdanov – President of Bulgarian Federation and IGF general secretary

– Ameen Kassem – President of Folklore Federation from Israel

– prof. dr. Olivera Basic – choreographer from Serbia

One special distinction was offered to Mr. Vladan Tesanovic and to the Folklore Federation ”Lola” from Serbia for the effort and the entire support given to these IGF activity.

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