IGF General Meeting Nice – France 2015

IGF General Meeting Nice – France 2015

Between 28 and 30 August 2015 at Nimes in France took place one IGF

General Meeting. The meeting started with a meeting of the Executive IGF

Board who analyzed the activity I.G.F. lately and some discussion about

changes in our status.

The board meeting was attended by:

 prof. phd. Dorel Cosma – president

 Nicholas Charlety – president adj.

 Antonio Vinas – vice president

 Benito Ripoli – vice president

 Rosen Bogdanov – general secretary

 Indra Filipsone – general secretary adj.

 Pahone Pop – member,

 Vladan Tesanovici – member,

 Franco Megna – member,

 Luigi Pompilio – Senator I.G.F

The board approved the work done by the IGF and prepared the

documents to be presented to the General Assembly.

The main changes were related to:

 Parliamentary term from 3 year to 4 years

 changing the name of the organization to World Folklore Union


 Granting honorary titles of Senator IGF and Ambassador I.G.F.

 Finalization of the annual event – I.G.F. Gold Star.

 Composition of the Board consisting in:

– President – 1

– President adj – 2

– Vice presidents – 3

– General Secretary – 1

– Secretary General adj – 1

– Treasurer – 1

– Treasurer adj – 1

– Law expert adviser – 1

– Council members – 6

The board has validated and proposed to General Assembly the two

official headquarters IGF:

– historic office at Voiron – France

– administrative office at San Giovanni Rotondo – Italy

The two offices will be landscaped and financial supported for activities

by the folklore federations of France and Italy. Until the first meeting of the new

Board will be finalized also the law issues of headquarters in Italy. This will be a

task of the new board.

The Board has approved for the formation of a president advisors group

who will take care of IGF image, communication and links to all federations.

All the problems were rated and prepared to be presented in the general



In the afternoon of August 29, began the General Meeting which was

attended by over 400 participants. The works were opened by the French side

with the speech of IGF President Adj. – Mr. Nicholas Charlety who made an

excellent introduction on the importance and role of popular culture in the

current context. Local authorities’ thanks to IGF for organizing this meeting in

Nimes and the President of Nimes metropolitan area – Mr. Ivan Lachod – has

awarded medals to Mr. Dorel Cosma, Mr. Nicholas Charlety and to Mr. Luigi


After we proceed to the work report of President Dorel Cosma, between

2011 and 2015. It noted the increasing importance I.G.F. and obtaining all legal

documents of operation.

The report of this period was for the first time in the history of IGF

offered to all participants in printed copy in five languages, so that all

participants could read the president report.

The IGF General Assembly voted for the activity report and all the

changes proposed.

The IGF General Secretary – Mr. Rosen Bogdanov submitted in the

meeting the application to the president mandate 2015 – 2019 of Mr. Dorel

Cosma. The General Assembly voted unanimously to Mr. Dorel Cosma as

president for the new legislature.

The new president thanked to all for the trust and submitted for voting to

the General Assembly, the new board for the new term.

I.G.F. General Assembly voted following members for the new Board the

legislative period 2015 – 2019:

 President – prof. PhD. Dorel Cosma – Romania

 President Adj. (1) – Nicolas Charlety – France

 president Adj. (2) – Benito Ripoli – Italy

 Vice president – Antonio Vinas – Spain

 Vice presidents – Ameen Kasem – Israel

 Vice president – Vladan Tesanovic – Serbia

 General Secretary – Rosen Bogdanov – Bulgaria

 General Secretary adj. – Zelida Charlety – France

 Treasurer – Rene Sourisoau – France

 Treasurer adj. – Pahone Pop – Romania

 Law expert adviser – Franco Megna – Italy

 Member in the board council:

– Indra Filipsone – Latvia

– Iulia Buldikina – Russia

– Meni Papanicolau – Greece

– Zenon Kolybych – Ukraine

– Michael Lanitis – Cyprus

– Johanes Schmid Kunz – Switzerland

 IGF senator – Luigi Pompilio – Italy

 Scientific council :

– President – Luigi Scalas – Italy

– Vice president – Oleg Fedorovici – Belarus

– Member – Giorgos Cutsak – Greece

 Artistic council :

– president – Birute Akelatiene – Lithuania

– Vice president – Antonela Palumbo – Italy

– Member – Bulent Uzun – Turkey

President advisors (image, photos, video, mass-media, translations,

secretary, all federations links)


– Mihai Berbunschi ( English, Italian)

– Doris Gîţa (German, Spanish)

– Marioara Sigheartău (Secretary)

– Adrian Puşcaş (English)

The new president Mr. Dorel Cosma thanked all colleagues for the vote

and set out a work plan for the new legislature.

After voting all the participants of the General Assembly were invited by

the new president at a Romanian traditional cocktail.

Along with the IGF general meeting was organized also the World

Folklore Stars with the participation of folklore ensembles from Italy, Romania

Bulgaria and France. All the groups were awarded both from the hosts and from

Special congratulations to our President Adj. – Mr. Nicolas Charlety and

to the French National Folklore Confederation for their important effort, support

and friendship shown to all participants

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