IGF Gold Star 2022 Alberobello – ITALY (May 2022)

IGF Gold Star 2022  Alberobello – ITALY   (May 2022)

The awarding of the IGF prizes was a long awaited moment that was celebrated in the Alberobello theater hall with the Puglia classical orchestra offering unforgettable moments to the audience.

The laudatio for each prize was accompanied by short videos about the creative contribution of each organization and the audience rose when the national anthems of the participating countries sounded in the hall.


Father Nicolae Feier was rewarded for his contribution in historical research and held a speech about the common bridges between catholic and orthodox Christianity.


Dr Aldo Patruno was rewarded for supporting and promoting the values of folk culture in major wide activities he developed Local in his origin country and abroad.


Prof. Yigal TriKi is an exceptional choreographer from Israel with valuable contributions in national and international shows, Triki is Professional choreographer for the Jewish folk dance style (RIKODI AM) for long years , Triki is a formal Coach In Tel aviv University for years for colorful and multicultural in Israel.


Dimitar Hristov is an appreciated professional musician and director who conducts a special classical orchestra of the Bulgarian Broadcasting Corporation in Sofia. Dimitar Contributed a lot to promoting and improving the classical Bulgarian music on an international scale

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