The International Festival Sinigorie took place in Celiabink – Russia between October 28 and November 3, 2017.

Participants on behalf of IGF:

–   the president – prof.dr. Dorel Cosma

–  the secretary general Rosen Bogdanov

–  the vice-president  Antonio Vinas Mira

–  the vice-president  Vladan Tesanovik

–  the deputy treasurer  Pahone Pop

–  advisor to the president  Adrian Pușcaș

The three organizers of the manifestation :
–  Aleksei Nikolaevich Pelymski – director general
–   Mikhail Yurievich Zatsepin – representative

– Vladimir Petrovich Karachintsev – director of the ensamble „Ural” proved themselves to be outstanding hosts willing to closely cooperate with the IGF.

The artists were invited from: Bielarus, South Osetia, Vladivostock  and the hosts – the ensemble Ural fom Celiabinsk.

Every evening we watched spectacular performances, costumes and music of great quality.

Meeting  the local government, visiting museums and other cultural institutions were also very important.

The governor  of Celiabinsk awarded the president of the IGF the highest cultural distinction of the province. In his turn the president of the IGF expressed thanks and respects to president Vladimir Putin who is to visit Celiabinsk by next week. On this occasion the governor was asked to hand over to his excellence the IGF gold medal.

The governor was awarded the IGF Gold Plate by president Cosma who also thanked him for supporting folk culture and for the effort of establishing an important folklore center in Celiabinsk.

Discussions were held between the IGF board and the managers of Sinigorie establishing common ground for co-operation including the Cultural Center of Celiabinsk joining the IGF to coordinate folklore in this part of Russia. The application from Celiabinsk will be voted by the IGF board, admission and further tasks being scheduled for the IGF meeting in Cyprus- August 2018.

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