VILNIUS – May 2014

VILNIUS – May 2014

Between 16 and 18 May 2014, in Lithuania at Vilnius we had the first IGF meeting from this year through the amiability and the effort of our colleague BiruteAkelaitiene – member of IGF Board Council. She offers us great conditions of accommodation, meals and a place for the conference.

We had the pleasure to assist to a wonderful ballet play “Snow Queen” at the National Theater of Opera and Ballet from Vilnius. More than 1000 spectators were present at this great event which impressed with choreography, music, costumes and scenery. It was a great success which confirms once again the value of the ballet from this side of the world.

Our meeting with the Lithuania Ministry of Culture, Mr. SarunasBirutis was an occasion to mark our great cultural collaboration between IGF and Lithuania.

In the second day we had the board meeting which was opened by the salute of the IGF president and our host. Here were presents: prof. dr. Dorel Cosma – IGF president, Nicolas Charlety – president adj., Benito Ripoli – vice-president, MichalisLanitis – vice-president, Rosen Bogdanov – general secretary, IndraFilipsone – general secretary adj., BiruteAkelaitiene – Lithuania, Pahone Pop, MihaiBerbunschi – Romania, FabrizioCatano – Italy, AmeenKassen – Israel, Josef Revak – Slovacia, Oleg Fedorovici – Belarus.

The first point on the meeting schedule was the information’s given by the IGF president regarding the visits in Argentina, Belarus, Ukraine, and Italy.

Oleg Fedorovici has presented us the folklore federation from his country, and also the national and international cultural events organized by him.

Vice president Benito Ripoli has shown us the important events organized in San Giovanni Rotondo dedicated to Padre Pio.

After this was officially presented the new number of the IGF Magazine -nr.22, which contain the most important moments from the last year achieved by IGF.

The president has launched the invitation to collaboration with BC RADIO which is the radio for the artists from everywhere.

Here we experience one historical moment in the life of IGF. After the discussions with the mayor from San Giovanni Rotondo – Mr. Luigi Pompilio the Local Council from San Giovanni Rotondo has decided to offer us one special building for our office and activities. It is one historic moments because it’s for the first time when IGF will have his own office. The official letter was presented by Mr. Benito Ripoli to the IGF president – prof. dr. Dorel Cosma.

After IGF president has submitted for voting and everybody were agree that IGF Board will move his official center from Nice to San Giovanni Rotondo.

In the next period it will be organized some official meetings between the mayor from San Giovanni Rotondo and IGF President to finalize the details.

It was launched an appeal to all IGF members to contribute to the arrangement and to the activity of our new center which will include shows, exhibitions and a large cultural bookcase, documents and costumes from all country members.

Another point on the meeting schedule was the situation of the taxes. It’s one sensible but important problem. It was analyzed the financial situation and the payment for each country. The general secretary and the vice-presidents have received duties to contact all the countries with debt from 2013 and 2014.

Conforming to the IGF rules, Cap. V, art.4 we proceed to the exclusion of the Folklore Federation from Portugal and Hungary which haven’t pay their taxes for some years in spite of they were summoned between August 2013 and May 2014.

It was discussed and vote the request of 2 new folklore federation which have applied to join IGF: Folklore Federation “”Klas” from Croatia – president Mr. Stefan Kovacevic and Folklore Federation from Guimaras – Portugal – president Mr. Carlos Oliveira.

Were established all the organizing details about OSCAR Folklore Awards and World Folklore Stars that will happen between 3 and 5 August 2014 in Italy. With this occasion it will be officially opening of the new IGF Center from San Giovanni Rotondo.

It was finalized the list with the nomination for OSCAR folklore awards:

– Italy – Franco Megna

– Romania – Emilia Bubulac

– Slovakia

– Czech

– Russia – Iulia

For World Folklore Stars:

– Romania

– Bulgaria

– Spain

For cultural institution was proposed and approved “Golden Globe” for UNESCO.

IGF Folklore Caravan will be organized between 12 and 30 June 2014 with the effort and support of the Folklore Federation from Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain and France.

Beside the countries that are organizers it will be also singers from Turkey, Czech, Belarus, Argentina and Israel.

The Medal for 65 years

Regarding that this year we will celebrate 65 year from the establishment, the president has made and presented the medal that will be offered during the events from Italy, to some personalities that have contribute to the promotion of IGF. In this category it will be included some colleagues that during the time have organized and supported IGF meetings and events. It might be made some other proposals until the end of May 2014. In special way the president has proposed the medal of 65 years and the title of “IGF Senator” to the Mayor of San Giovanni Rotondo – Mr. Luigi Pompilio. The proposal was accepted with applause.

For 2015 was proposed and accept that IGF Board meeting and OSCAR folklore awards will be organized in Israel and IGF General Meeting, World Folklore Stars and election in France.

Our colleague Birute has offer to all of us present at the meeting from Vilnius, the possibility to make a tour guide through the beautiful city of Lithuania Capital. We had the occasion to admire one wonderful green city in which the history is combined in harmony with the modernism. Everywhere is shining the peace, common sense and cleanliness. One right European capital and well organized meeting for which we can just say congratulation.

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