I.G.F. CARAVAN – 2016

I.G.F. CARAVAN – 2016

I.G.F. Caravan is organized by the World Union of Folklore – initiated by

Prof. Dorel Cosma, President I.G.F. – it reached this year’s IV-th edition.

The event is meant to promote folk music, traditions and singers from

different parts of the world and debuted three years ago in Romania, Colibiţa

resort. It was a first effort made by the National Federation of Folklore from

Romania, Italy, France and Spain.

Rima Viederienė și Jurate Garnelienė din Lituania

This year, the I.G.F. Caravan It was developed under the careful

coordination and organization of Vice-president of I.G.F. – Antonio Vinas –

President of the Federation of Folklore in Spain. Close collaboration with the

President of the Federation of Folklore in Portugal – Carlos Olivera has enabled

support a program in neighboring Country – Portugal, where was called actually

gathering at Porto airport. It should be noted that although in another country,

Antonio Vinas was marked by organizational spirit and dedication to the colors.

René Sourisseau, Sarah Auguin and Raymond Martineau, France

Omar Abu Ajaj and Mheisin El Satayaa, Israel
At this year’s Caravan, responded with valuable singers National

Federation of Folklore from Lithuania, Israel, Romania, France, Spain,

The performances were successful both in Portugal and Spain. The

accommodation and meals in Spain – at Caldaria were outstanding offering to

delegations the possibility of relaxing moments thoughtful and determined by

President I.G.F. – Prof. Dr. Dorel Cosma was present at the events in

Spain and awarded prizes from I.G.F.

Cornelia Hoha and Teodora Simionca, Romania

Marcos Pardo,  Spain
Each delegation was awarded with certificates of excellence made in a

very artistic way, also they recived magazines, badges and various symbols of

World Union I.G.F. Was welcome also the meeting with Mayor of Qurense – Mr.

Jesus Vazquez Abad which for the support of the folkloric movement from

Spain was awarded with: Gold Medal I.G.F. as otherwise the gold medal I was

awarded also to the Vice-president I.G.F. – Antonio Vinas.

Manuel Mário Domingues și Miguel Gonçalves, Portugal

Julio Gonzalez,  Venezuela
Congratulations to all participants, organizers and supporters of this

Counselor of the I.G.F.’s President

Adrian Pușcaș


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